Gideon International Ministries
is an endtime prophetic ministry raised by God for such a time as this, to teach, preach and witness Holiness and Righteousness by faith in Christ Jesus, renewing and transforming the lives of His sheep, through the Spirit of holiness and sanctification.

Special Events

Family Mentors

The Family Mentors – 29th of April 2017

We believe that things have changed faster than anybody could imagine within the last few years you last attended the  ‘Family Mentor Workshop’. However we would like to thank you for paticipating in our last Family Mentorship programme, as it was evident that many issues that were plaguing marriages were addressed as much as we could. Although we had time constraint, we believe we could have done alot better. In coming days we shall be getting intouch with many of the participants, by email, telephone or mails, to discuss how to make this programme more effective. Come April 26th, 2014, we would like to reward all past attendees  with a studio photo shots, so check your mails, email and telephone for more details. Learn more…

Christaian Singles Event

Christian Singles Night In London, summer 2017, dates & venue will be decided soon

We will like to create an enabling atmosphere for our youth, we want to encourage supervised social platform where our children can feel free to express themselves as Christians. It’s a forum where Christian ‘believers’ meet other genuine ‘believers’ in a decent atmosphere. As a Church we accept that we have been shying away from this responsibility of guiding our daughters and sons by creating an meeting place without prejudice to their faith, for a true Agape relationship and marriages to materialise. Learn more…


The 300 Gideon Army is an inter-denominational evangelism outreach, that seek to bring unity & love between the body of Christ. And we are committed to preaching the gospel without compromise. Learn more…

GIM Radio Mobile

Listen to GIM Live Radio on your mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, Android Phones, blackberry and other mobile devices that uses Apps. Learn more…

Derek Prince Books

Spiritual Books

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