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Gideon International Ministries is an endtime prophetic ministry raised by God for such a time as this, to teach, preach and witness Holiness andRighteousness by faith in Christ Jesus, renewing and transforming the lives of His sheep, through the Spirit of holiness and sanctification. We believe that we have been called to teach without compromise to the truth, therefore our focus is to raise up the banner of integrity, sincerity, genuiness and restore back the glory the church of God once had. We believe that in the kingdom of God quality Christianity is better than quantity, unexpectedly today ;many churches are known by crowd,the approval of a man of God today is measured by the care or plans he has, rather than the fruits of faith, holiness, righteousness and love in his life and ministry.

Our Pastor is a muslim convert who believes in the power of God through spoken word, he believes that the church should go back to her first love, that is, to the point where we first began,when Jesus is the only way, the only truth and the only life, nothing and nobody else.

In Judges chapter 6:1- the children of Israel sinned against God, and He gave them into the hand of their enemies 7 years, as much as Israel would try and struggle with their enemies, they continually failed, even though they prayed and fasted,or they gave tithe and offering, they were wasting their precious time.( Is this not what most people do today?, because it is easier for you to pray for days, fast for many days,pay tithe & offering or go for deliverance than to obey the word of God,to repent genuinely, live righteous and holy.

And the children of Israel cried in repentance),the Lord heard them. But why did they wait till this time?, when the Midianites’ hands had prevailed against them?,they have made Israel lose confidence in themselves,when Israel labored so much;the Midianited made sure they didn’t reap what they have sown, and Israel was greatly impoverished. Question: Why did they wait until this time before they repented of their sin?;and turn to the Lord.

Why is it that many Christian Always wait for so long?

Gideon was blaming God for what was happening to Israel,he believed God hath forsaken or neglected them,but he didn’t consider that,it should be Israel that should blamed themselves. Until man come to terms with himself, he would continue to blame God!.

Many people are blaming God for many situations in their lives,rather than objectively checking out themseves. Proverbs 16:7 says;’if the way of a man pleases the Lord,it makes all his enermy to be at peace with him’.

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