300 Gideon Army

The 300 Gideon army is an inter-denominational evangelism outreach, that seek to bring unity & love between the body of Christ. And we are committed to preaching the gospel without compromise.

How do we work?

Each pastor of various participating churches appoint 2-4 members in their churches to join The 300 Gideon Armies, (they need not be experienced, as training would be provided and practical experience is on the field).

How does the participating churches benefit?

Apart from promoting the spirit of trust, love and working as a team in the body of Christ, each churches would be blessed because The 300 Gideon Armies would come together to such churches and help to evangelise with that church. Example, say a church in a particular area is part of this group, such a church would invite us a month in advance to come and evangelise with their church members on a weekend (however the church would be responsible for producing their own fliers and leaflets).

How far can we reach?

Presently we are concentrating on communities, zonal and states level, however we would be going global for the Lord Jesus. All we seek to achieve is to encourage unity, love, trust and team work within all the body of Christ world wide. (a house divided against itself cannot stand). Also, to encourage the method that Jesus instructed, which is street and door to door evangelism. This would not only build the church up but kindle the fire of revival. No true revival start without strong evangelism.

How do I join?

If you have a pastor, tell him to recommend you, he can give you a note of approval, or call on your behalf. If you do not have a pastor, you can call to signify your interest, we would send you application form. (when filling the form you must tell us if you would need a visa to go to some countries or not, you must tell us how far you would like to travel and the means of travelling that you would prefer).

How soon can I join? Anytime. Training is weekly throughout the year.

How much does it cost me?

  • The uniform is free
  • Travelling expenses would be subsidized (you may be required to contribute a token)
  • Accomodation is free
  • Feeding is free

Training Workshop

We have training for street and door to door evangelists and would-be evangelists.

These courses would help to jump start some Christian who are willing to be used by God, they may be part of a church or they may be individuals or group.

How can churches benefit?

We can do an in house training for any church irrespective of their denominations, as long as they have willing people that have a ‘go into the world and preach, teach and witness ‘ anointing.

How can individual/group benefit?

Some individual or small group may need a first hand experience of what they need, or how they need to evangelist to a specific group of people (i.e youth, disadvantaged community, etc.)

Type of Courses

  • Class bases or online with practicals on street
  • Evangelism through acting/drama
  • Evangelism through service/offering

Duration: 24 weeks (once a week)
11am-1pm and 6pm-9pm Wednesday
Call Us: 353.1.4264682

Which countries are you presently?

Republic of Ireland: Dublin (Vice President-Patricia Mendes-+353876336209) we are going to Galway, Trally, Limrick, other states would follow

UK: London (State Coordinator: Attn. +447588836520 and National: Paddy Shevlin +447860414242), but we hope to go to manchester, Kent, Luton and others

Africa: We are going to Uganda, Malawi, Nigeria,  South Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya soon.

USA: Mobil Alabama (USA coordinator Prophetess Victoria Warneth +12516020206

We are prepared to go to anywhere God would open a door, Asia and the Arab region.

Should you need more information, or to request application form email or call the V.P. Patricia Mendes (number above), or any national, state, zonal, or local coordinator around you,

Thanks for becoming a world evangelist for the Lord Jesus
Patricia Mendes (V.P)

Apostle & Prophetess Warneth Pastor (Mrs) Tola Durowoju  Patricia  Mendes
Tel: +12516020206 Tel: +447956862377 Tel: +353876336209

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