Power Of Testimony


The bible tells us, that we overcame the enemy by the blood of Jesus & the word of our testimony.

The bible didn’t say by prayer or fasting, but it said TESTIMONY.

What is Testimony?

It is testifying to the world, the faithfulness of God in our fears,trials and temptations.

Luke 21: 12, says,’ but you shall be tested, tried and afflicted. But verse 13 says, it shall turn to your testimony.

Maybe you are going through your verse 12, and you are troubled, frustrated, unhappy about your personal situation, please remember this is the time, you need to testify. Its an opportunity for testimony.

People may not know what you are going through, you might be called all sort of names,you might be treated in a bad way, but keep testifying,that is what would make you to overcome.

Some people started from verse 12, just like the children of Israel, in between their own own verse 12 & 13, they had great challenges, which should have made them to testify of the goodness of God, but they blew it up by grumbling and complaining against Moses and God. The journey that should have been 40days, out of ignorance they personally extended to 40 years. Verse 12 & 13, may mean different things to everybody.Everybody’s case is different, between verse 12 & 13 of some other people, like Abraham; was 25 years of waiting for a promise of Isaac , Daniel, Shedrack, Mishrack and Abednego was for 70 years. Verse 12, for some; it could be few days or months.

But if you know how to testify in your fear, trial and temptation, then you would have a big TESTIMONY.

Some Christians, complain, murmur and grumble,these things prolong our stay in verse 12, but praise, worship, testifying, rejoicing speed us towards verse 13.


Testimony is not just, i buy a new car, i have a new job, new birth and many more. Ofcourse, we can celebrate theses achievements, but they are not TESTIMONY. EVEN UNBELIEVERS GET SUCH BLESSINGS FROM GOD.

But your testimony is what you say when you are in the mist of your challenges, like the 3 Hebrew children going into the furnace, like Daniel in the lions den, Job, Joseph ,Paul and Silas, and many more.

Their testimony was not what they said after the challenges, rather, it was what they said while they were in that situation.

Words like ,’ i know my redeemer liveth’, ‘we know that our God would save us…’,’even if He slays me yet will i trust Him’, what shall separate me from the love of Christ…….’, ‘greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world’,..

For those that feel like they are failures, or the are about to, they must testify.’ i am more that a conqueror ‘. However, Christians should remember that,the bible says ‘you shall have whatever you say’. Not what you say,after your challenges, but rather what you say during your challenges.

Abraham was found faithful in the midst of his challenges. and God called him righteous while he had not go the promises of God(not after he had Isaac).

Many things people call testimony today are just testiphonies,people trumpeting their own achievements, saying them with pride as if they have deserve the result of their own labour. No wonder soon after these, more challenges come back, and they claim its the pastor, its the church members or some witches & wizards.

But you must understand that any thing that gives glory to you and not to God is only setting you up for more danger!.

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