Christian Singles Night In Dublin 24/08/12


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Singles’ Night In Dublin  (Next date & Venue to be advised soon)
Singles & Searching

You are cordially invited to this year’s program ,it’s a forum where Christian ‘believers’ meet other genuine ‘believers’ in a decent atmosphere. As a Church we accept that we have been shying away from this responsibility of guiding our daughters and sons by creating an enabling atmosphere for a true Agape relationship and marriages to materialise.Our Single brothers and Sisters, we want you to know that we care, and we promise that you are not going to do things by yourself alone anymore,you would get more support from us from now on.
The Family Mentors

WHAT WE DO !The Family Mentors

Pastor Oladunjoy OlagesinWe were inspired by God to strengthen marriages going through challenges, marriages where the men or women needs mentor-ship,aside from counselling. Although we offer faith based counselling through experienced and trained spiritual counsellors,however, we believe many people still would do well with marriage mentor-ship. Same goes for the singles & searching,some of them have been abused,lied to,taken advantaged of, and so on.
The major problem is;’many ladies are marrying boys (instead of men), and many men are marrying girls (instead of women)’.

I believe this atmosphere would create the right opportunity for our singles to have a fresh start a bible based, hopeful & rewarding relationship. So be there,its your season of testimony

Crowne Plaza Dublin Blanchardstown | Blanchardstown Centre | Blanchardstown | Dublin 15 | Ireland

How to register

The registration can be done on this page, or
you can reserve a place by

  • Telephone: +353.1.4264682
  • Post:10 Longmile Business Park, Dublin 12,Ireland.
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Thank you for your interest, and support. Together we can bring sanity to marriages and relatioships in accordance to God’s divine will
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